well damn!

Tracks of the Week

1. Forest City Lovers – Don’t Go
This is a cute little bittersweet track that easily gets stuck in my head. I’m also partial to their name.

2. Dan Mangan – Journal of a Narcoleptic
Dan Mangan could tell me that an choir of tone-deaf-monkeys were sensational, and I would believe him. That is how I feel about the “I’m sorry”‘s in this song.

3. The Dress Whites – The Whale
I ordered The Dress Whites‘s album based solely on this track. It has yet to arrive and I’m getting a little antsy!

4. Matthew Barber – I’m Gonna Settle My Accounts With You
The intro to this reminds me of the Mr Dressup opening, but then I’m reminded it’s hardly child’s play and I’m ok with that!

5. Attack in Black – Northern Towns
I just picked up Marriage and I like it.

Next week will bring change. I promise.


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god i love forest city lovers, thank you

Comment by momemymo

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