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Land of Talk – Some Are Lakes
November 20, 2008, 1:35 am
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I don’t think that it’s been established, but I’m a huge fan of Saddle Creek Records. They put out music by a plethora of great bands and have created a great musical community. Recently Saddle Creek has started signing artists outside of Omaha, including quite a few up and coming Canadian artists, like Tokyo Police Club and Land of Talk

Land of Talk I’ll admit that it took a few listens to get into this record, but now I’m knee deep. Elizabeth Powell does a great job of fitting her voice in with her music. Her voice evokes the emotions that she’s trying to express in her songs, and it creates a great feeling for the album on the whole. My one qualm? Annunciation. It’s probably the pretentious choir brat in me, but there are times when I think “What on earth is she singing about?”, lucky for her as I mentioned, her voice is very evocative. Oh and one more small complaint. Can we get actual liner notes, with lyrics? Though, this is more of a rant for albums on a whole as of late.

Some Are Lakes starts with the steady drum driven Yuppy Flu. I’m not sure if this is actually in a minor key (heck, the majority of this album might be in a minor key), but there are enough chromatic runs to convince me. The next track, Death by Fire has one of my (many) favourite lyric deliveries off of this record, “One poison, two poison, three boys”, so dark but meaningful. I’ve also mentioned my affinity for Powell’s melodies. These are prevalent in the title track, Some Are Lakes and the closer Troubled, easily my favourite song on the album. Don’t let the sweet melodies mislead you, this band knows how to rock out, just listen to Corner Phone and you too will be convinced.

First listen: 7/10
Flow: 8/10
Individual Songs: 8/10
Discography: 9/10
Length: 5/5
Album Art: 4/5
Total: 41/50

Thanks for living up to my expectations Saddle Creek

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I’ve been slacking off in my Saddle Creek addiction lately. And the whole non-Omaha thing weirds me out 😛 But it looks like I have to check these guys out. I’ve been itching for a new obsession lately.

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