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Looking Forward: to 2009
November 25, 2008, 12:42 am
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There are many things I’m looking forward to in 2009: potentially quitting my job, completing another year of my degree and a whole whack of new music.

Here is a snippet of music I’m looking forward to

I was openly hoping we could expect a new Cursive release by the end of the year. While 2006’s Happy Hollow was an unexpected change of direction from Domestica and The Ugly Organ, it left me wanting to hear more of this political not-so-emo Cursive. It does sound like the band is writing and recording new material and well on their way for a release in 2009.

I’m not the best of the fans, but do I ever enjoy listening to Moneen’s infinitely long titled songs and intricate music. Damn you Wikipedia for giving me false hope! But their blog suggests a real new record is on the way. Hurrah!

Attack in Black
This is a busy quartet! Attack in Black just finished up a 3 week tour of half of Canada and are already back on stage, touring across the pond. In 2007 they released an EP and not one but two full lengths. Based on pure speculation, they are bound to release something new 2009, and my bets are it won’t be anything like Marriage.

And with new material, comes a supporting tour, so here’s to hoping I’ll be able catch both Moneen and Cursive on the road in 2009. Not that I don’t want to catch Attack in Black for a 3rd time, because I do! Maybe I’ll luck out and they’ll all tour together. hint hint! One can dream.


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Cursive? Tour? That would make my year. Yeah I kind of saw them once, but they were an opening act… the 20 minutes of live music wasn’t nearly enough to satisfy my need for Tim Kasher live.

Comment by angela

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