well damn!

September 21, 2010, 11:12 am
Filed under: Music

Ooooops, I sort of neglected this thing for a year. I missed a whole Polaris cycle! Congrats to Karkwa on their Polaris Win last night.

To be honest, advocating and keeping up with Canadian music is exhausting, especially when you are trying to finish up a university degree, and your laptop dies for a few months…but that is done with and I am now able to dedicate all my time to this blog—

Ok we all know that is not what is going to happen but we can dream.

To be honest, I moved to Toronto a month ago, which should enable me to be somewhat more active in my listening habits, and hence blogging, in theory.

Well this wouldn’t be a music-related blog unless I posted something music related, so here is an awesome tune by Guilty About Girls called Candy Candy