well damn!

TOTW: Week of July 7

A Polaris Prize inspired list

1. Two Hours Traffic – Backseat Sweetheart
Even my 8 and 10 year old sisters appreciate this record, it’s that good.

2. Basia Bulat – In The Night
She’s from my hometown, so I think I’ll give her record a listen

3. Black Mountain – Queens Will Play
I can’t quite decide if this record is strong enough to be on the list, but this is a solid track.

4. The Weakerthans – Sun in an Empty Room
Another solid record from one of my favourite bands, it fits really well together. And the webisodes are hilarious.

5. Holy Fuck – Milkshake
Holy Fuck this is a good album. I saw the album on vinyl the other day and I almost bought it, even though I don’t have a record player.

I’ll discuss my qualms with the list later this week

TOTW: Week of June 30

In light of tomorrow’s holiday, I’m going to try to pick some patriotic tunes for this weeks tracks.

1. Les Trois Accords – Saskatchewan
I can’t decide if I love or hate this one, but it’s a classic.

2. Constantines – Trans Canada
I think that the name of the song is self explanatory

3. Joel Plaskett – True Patriot Love
No Canada Day is complete without a Joel Plaskett

4. Born Ruffians – Red, Yellow & Blue
Definitely national anthem material

5. The Weakerthans – Tournament of Hearts
What’s more Canadian than curling?

Have an awesome holiday everyone! I’m rocking the beach!

TOTW: Week of June 23
June 23, 2008, 9:18 pm
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Took a week off, but I’m back. For now.

1. Said the Whale – This Winter I Retire
I caught Said the Whale at Call the Office the other night and they rocked my socks.
2. Sloan – Believe in Me
Once a friend was trying to recall who sang “Rest of my Life” and thought it was by a one hit wonder, turned out it was by a band who just released their ninth studio album.
3. Great Bloomers – Catching Up
This is a sweet song to kick summer off. Seeing old friends again and making new ones.
4. Mates of State – My Only Offer
This is the first song I’ve heard by the duo, it’s catchy and simple.
5. Brendan Canning – Hit The Wall
I never got into Broken Social Scene, but man is this song ever catchy.

TOTW: Week of June 9

Ahhh I’m late!

1. Old Man Luedecke – Proof of Love
Banjo playing is the way to my heart.

2. Young and Sexy – Old Poisoned Cup
I love the low alto voice in this track.

3. Andy Dixon – Mt. Career
This one has an almost Bollywood feel to it, but much less cheesy and much more smart

4. Said the Whale – This City’s a Mess
Upbeat riffs and hand clapping just go together.

5. Annabelle Chvostek – Wait For It
Might as well keep with the almost Bollywood theme, but again much less cheesy and a lot more catchy.

TOTW: Week of June 2

1. Navet Confit – La Poste
It’s not that I don’t like music sung in French, it’s just that I don’t understand it! But this one movies nicely, and I like it.

2. Born Ruffians – Foxes Mate for Life
I just started listening to Red, Yellow & Blue.

3. Crystal Castles – Black Panther
There isn’t much to say about this one, it’s just a really fun electronic track.

4. Grand Theft Bus – Private Wars
Another easy listener, if I didn’t know better, I’d say I’m starting to go soft!

5. Ghost Bees – Sinai
These girls remind me of a high pitched, softer version of Tegan and Sara.

TOTW: Week of May 26
May 26, 2008, 11:43 am
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I just wanted to post this because I won’t around a computer until tomorrow, so I’ll elaborate and update the list then =)

1. Small Sins – On the Line
Much better than the movie it shares its name with. It flows nicely and has a nice tune

2. The Feminists – The Beginning of the World
On the last R3-30 Podcast that I listened to, I heard that The Feminists broke up, which is a shame, because I so enjoy this track. Beware, it’s rather long!

3. Art in Manila – I Thought I Was Free
This was from a Saddle Creek sampler I downloaded a while back. Art in Manila is Orenda Fink (of Azure Ray) and Adrianne Verhoeven (of the Anniversary), which is an exciting combination!

4. Hey Ocean! – Beatboxer (Who Broke My Heart)
Another fun song I found on the R3-30 podcast, they’re coming to my town in June!

5. The Wet Secrets – Hot Roller
It’s an angry song, and well, I like angry music

TOTW: Week of May 19
May 19, 2008, 4:03 pm
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1. Arkells – Oh The Boss Is Coming
The opening is very reminiscent of the Constantines, or even Alexisonfire, but they make this song their own, and it’s awesome.

2. Moneen – If Tragedy’s Appealing Disaster’s an Addiction
I picked up It All Started With a Red Stripe and even as a casual Moneen listener, I fully appreciated it. The documentary is very insightful and funny (these guys have a lot of antics), and the DVD comes with a ton of other stuff.

3. The Weakerthans – Reconstruction Site
I’m a little slow when it comes to jumping on the bandwagon and I just picked up Reconstruction Site last week.

4. Islands – The Arm
I’ve been enjoying this song for quite some time now, I hate saying this but, it reminds me of pirates. Their new album comes out on Tuesday.

5. Cursive – Shallow Means Deep Ends
I’ve recently rediscovered my original obsession with Cursive and specifically Domestica. This song is an awesome representation of said album.