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Live Shows: A Summary
December 26, 2008, 10:27 pm
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I felt like I should write this down, and what better place than here? Bands I’ve seen this year, in chronological order.

GOB @ Call The Office
Winter Gloves @ the Alex P Keaton
Constantines w/ Castlemusic, Attack in Black @ CTO
Said the Whale @ CTO
Constantines w/ Arkells, Paso Mino @ Fanshawe
Holy Fuck w/ Plants & Animals @ Victoria Park (LOLA Festival)
Constantines @ UWO (Flick Off)
Ladyhawk w/ Shotgun Jimmie, Attack in Black @ CTO
Constantines w/ Tropics @ CTO
Moneen (Acoustic Set) w/ Michou, Songs From A Room @ CTO

Yup, I saw the Constantines four times this year, and Attack in Black twice. I think I may be stalking the Cons, but I mean, it’s not my fault they play London so often! The last time I saw them was easily one of my favourite shows of the year. But I think the Moneen show comes out on top. What an awesome super-fantastic excellent way to end the year.

16 bands in 12 months, not bad for a poor lowly applied math student!

Rolling Tundra Revue 2009
December 9, 2008, 1:01 pm
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rollingtundraDear Constantines and the Weakerthans.

When I woke up yesterday morning I saw you are planning on touring together.

And then I saw that you will be playing a show in my town.

You are my favourites and made my day.

Please keep making awesome music and touring together.

Love, Jasmine.

Source: CBC Radio 3 and LiveJournal

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Constantines w/ Tropics @ CTO
December 2, 2008, 5:17 pm
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Friday night my good friend Devyn and I ventured over to Call The Office, here in London to see the Constantines.

Now it’s no secret that the Constantines have quickly become one of my favourite bands. These guys know how to put on a rock show, and when they play London 4 times a year, it’s hard to miss them!

Devyn and I managed to covet our spot in the front row, staking the spot out while catching openers Tropics. At first, I was a bit unsure about Tropics, but their carefully crafted drum driven riffs won me over by the end of the set. While there are just the two of them, I think they managed to successfully take control of the space to induce their rhythmic prog rock. It’s no surprise the Constantines speak so highly of them and threaten to illegally release bootlegs of their shows. Definitely a band to watch out for.

After quite a bit of waiting (not due to the Cons being “Primadonnas” as Bry came out to apologize for, but them not wanting to start earlier than advertised) the Constantines opened with Kensington Heights‘ hardest rock anthem Credit River. At first I was unsure about how this song would measure up as an opener, but I was pleasantly surprised.

The last few times I’ve seen the Cons (ie, the 3 previous times I’ve seen them since April) they’ve been giving Shine a Light the snub, but not Friday night! They played Tank Commander, Young Lions, Insectivora and Nighttime/Anytime, which all left my thoroughly satisfied.

At one point near the end of the set, Bry hung his guitar from the rafters for at least a minute, and the band were very chatty in general, giving introductions to songs and bantering while Dallas tried to revive his bass (which seemed to have died near the end).

Encore was Do What You Can Do and possibly another song, but I can’t remember! They ended with a cover of Fuckin’ Up which Bry introduced as a song by Horsey Craze.

All in all a great night, aside from the guy on acid and his “friend” that I spent the latter half of the show next to.

Arkells – Jackson Square
November 18, 2008, 1:50 am
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arkells_jacksonsquare_sqaure_medThe Arkells are a young band fresh out of Hamilton, Ontario, recently signed to Dine Alone Records. Jackson Square, the group’s debut full length features a great range songs. It barely took one listen to get into this record. With catchy riffs like the ones found in The Ballad of Hugo Chavez and rock anthems like Oh, The Boss Is Coming!, who can blame me? The first time I’d heard of the Arkells, I immediately thought Constantines and if you’ve heard the version of Oh, The Boss Is Coming! off of their EP Deadlines you’d hear why. The riff sounds heavily influenced by opening of Nighttime/Anytime, however with the release of Jackson Square the quintet have marked it their own. Yet I still can’t decide which version of the song I enjoy better!

Other standout tracks on the album include Deadlines, Champagne Socialist, Tragic Flaw and John Lennon. Not that the other tracks are a bore but these are a few of my favourites, and note how many of them there are.

All in all, a solid debut from a young band.

First listen: 9/10
Flow: 7/10
Individual Songs: 8/10
Discography: 9/10
Length: 4/5
Album Art: 5/5
Total: 42/50


TOTW: Week of June 30

In light of tomorrow’s holiday, I’m going to try to pick some patriotic tunes for this weeks tracks.

1. Les Trois Accords – Saskatchewan
I can’t decide if I love or hate this one, but it’s a classic.

2. Constantines – Trans Canada
I think that the name of the song is self explanatory

3. Joel Plaskett – True Patriot Love
No Canada Day is complete without a Joel Plaskett

4. Born Ruffians – Red, Yellow & Blue
Definitely national anthem material

5. The Weakerthans – Tournament of Hearts
What’s more Canadian than curling?

Have an awesome holiday everyone! I’m rocking the beach!

Polaris Prize Ramblings

Today on Grant Lawrence Live, Grant has sparked conversation about this year’s Polaris Prize Nominees, since the cut off date for nominations is quickly approaching.

After reading the list of suggested nominations, I realized how much Canadian music I’ve bought in the past 6 months, and how much of my music collection qualifies for the prize.
Reunion Tour (the Weakerthans)
Kensington Heights (Constantines)
LP (Holy Fuck)
Welcome to the Night Sky (Wintersleep)
Little Jabs (Two Hours Traffic)
In the Future (Black Mountain)
Elephant Shell (Tokyo Police Club)
Marriage (Attack in Black)

Compared to the amount of my collection that qualified for 2007’s and 2006’s prizes
Ashtray Rock (Joel Plaskett Emergency)
The Reminder (Feist) which is really part of my mom’s collection
Twin Cinema (The New Pornographers)
Tournament of Hearts (Constantines)
(The first three made it on to the shortlist for their respective years)

Of that first list, I’m thinking LP and Reunion Tour will make it on to the shortlist, I’m really hoping to see Little Jabs and Welcome to the Night Sky make it and while it would be nice to see Kensington Heights up there, I don’t think it fairs well against the other stuff out there. Same goes for Elephant Shell and In the Future. But others see it differently, a lot of people think that Kensington Heights and In the Future will make it to the shortlist. We’ll see in a few months I suppose.

On a completely unrelated note, the Faint are back?

Constantines – Hard Feelings
May 9, 2008, 1:21 pm
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This music video came out a few weeks ago, but let’s review it anyway!

A clean music video, very simple and fresh, however it’s borderline boring. Not quite boring, just long enough to keep my attention. Nothing happens, but it works for the song and the band. Oh, don’t forget about the bad ass fist-nudge after Wil’s guitar solo. Did anyone else think the video was a little Wil/Bry centric? Or was that just a result of me spending too much time within youtube-fandom-land?

Premise: 8/10
Match for the Music:    8/10
“Acting”: 9/10
“Cinematography”: 7/10
Bad-ass factor: 4/5
Music Itself: 5/5
Total: 41/50