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Hey Rosetta! – Red Heart
January 24, 2009, 10:20 pm
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As if I haven’t plugged them enough here, a music video can’t hurt! I swear I’m not obsessed with Newfoundland’s Hey Rosetta!.

I really love the video’s setting, it’s an open field, there’s an autumn tree, minimal amounts of gear. The track itself starts off with quite a driven drum line so it’s only fitting to begin with a shot them walking to the dig site. I find the whole video is very mysterious after that to be honest. It’s quite foggy, but it all fits with the actual song, to be honest, I spend far too much time trying to figure out what this record is actually saying. A few minutes into the video a girl in a white dress appears. Is she a ghost? Is she lost? I don’t know! And then a human heart appears, it’s not bloody or anything but I mean…it’s a heart! A red heart! You see where this is going I’m sure…

Premise: 8/10
Match for the Music: 8/10
“Acting”: 9/10
“Cinematography”: 8/10
Points for the actual “red heart”:    3/5
Music Itself: 5/5
Total: 41/50

If nothing else, watch it for Tim Baker (the vocalist)