well damn!

TOTW: Week of May 5

1. Wintersleep – Miasmal Smoke & The Yellow Bellied Freaks
These guys are really growing on me. This is what I would call an epic track. It has a great slow build, a gorgeous climax and is the perfect way to end an album.

2. The Good Life – I Am An Island
My favourite lyrical genius had this song featured on Cold Case last night. Go Saddle Creek!

3. Destroyer – The State
Dan Bejar is slowly taking over Radio 3, and I’m ok with that.

4. The New Pornographers – Mutiny, I Promise You
Ok and he’s taking over this list too. This is a great infectious song, I particularly enjoy the rhythms in this one.

5. Creature – Pop Culture
This song is just fun. Every time I hear it, I just wanna get up and dance!


TOTW: Week of April 14th

1. Jane Vain and the Dark Matter – C’mon Baby Say Bang Bang
The vocals alone make this track dark enough to want a night light!

2. Constantines – Hard Feelings
Jump on the bandwagon! Kensington Heights officially hits the street tomorrow, but you can hear the album on their MySpace! (Did I mention I’m slightly obsessed with these guys?)

3. The Good Life – Keely Aimee
I’m also a huge admirer of Kasher, and the lyric “I love your suffering like gravity loves a stumbling drunk” is enough to keep this song in an infinite loop.

4. Born Ruffians – I Need a Life
I missed their show on Saturday night because Sunday morning exams are the spawn of Satan. This is how I cope.

5. Tokyo Police Club – Your English is Good
Reasons I like Tokyo Police Club: They’re good, they’re Canadian, they’re on Saddle Creek.

I swear, once May hits, I’ll give this blog the tender, love and care that it is worthy of. (Translation: I’ll play with it for a few days and probably forget about it a month later) But hey, I try.