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Polaris Prize Ramblings

Today on Grant Lawrence Live, Grant has sparked conversation about this year’s Polaris Prize Nominees, since the cut off date for nominations is quickly approaching.

After reading the list of suggested nominations, I realized how much Canadian music I’ve bought in the past 6 months, and how much of my music collection qualifies for the prize.
Reunion Tour (the Weakerthans)
Kensington Heights (Constantines)
LP (Holy Fuck)
Welcome to the Night Sky (Wintersleep)
Little Jabs (Two Hours Traffic)
In the Future (Black Mountain)
Elephant Shell (Tokyo Police Club)
Marriage (Attack in Black)

Compared to the amount of my collection that qualified for 2007’s and 2006’s prizes
Ashtray Rock (Joel Plaskett Emergency)
The Reminder (Feist) which is really part of my mom’s collection
Twin Cinema (The New Pornographers)
Tournament of Hearts (Constantines)
(The first three made it on to the shortlist for their respective years)

Of that first list, I’m thinking LP and Reunion Tour will make it on to the shortlist, I’m really hoping to see Little Jabs and Welcome to the Night Sky make it and while it would be nice to see Kensington Heights up there, I don’t think it fairs well against the other stuff out there. Same goes for Elephant Shell and In the Future. But others see it differently, a lot of people think that Kensington Heights and In the Future will make it to the shortlist. We’ll see in a few months I suppose.

On a completely unrelated note, the Faint are back?


Tokyo Police Club – Elephant Shell
May 8, 2008, 1:36 pm
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I’ll admit, I didn’t jump on the TPC wagon until recently. I hadn’t heard of them until Saddle Creek started raving about this hip new band from Canada in their August 07 newsletter, but the very fact that Saddle Creek had signed a quartet of Canadians was intriguing enough.

So here we are. Full of catchy riffs, upbeat melodies and uplifting lyrics, Elephant Shell isn’t an album I would expect from Saddle Creek, but it’s one I welcome with open arms (perhaps I’ve been blinded by the abundance of Cursive in my less than impressive collection).

Opener “Centennial” is like a nice walk in the park and a smooth way to ease into the record. However the album proceeds to quickly build up to the rhythm induced “Juno” and melody infused “Tessellate”. With the record peaking at track 5, one can’t help but be slightly disappointed with such a fast giveaway. As expected, the album recesses, but we are briefly revived with the upbeat and infectious “Your English is Good”. Unfortunately we are forced to “Listen to the Math” which is as boring as it sounds (says the Math major). Perhaps had it not followed “Your English is Good” it would have been a much more enjoyable track. Kind of reminds you of high school no? Finally, I can’t decide whether “The Baskervilles” is a good enough ending. There’s something about it that just doesn’t yell conclusion to me. But if you account for the remixes, “The Baskervilles” isn’t exactly the conclusion I was looking for anyway.

First listen: 8/10
Flow:    7/10
Individual Songs: 8/10
Discography: 7/10
Length: 3/5
Album Art: 5/5
Total: 38/50

All in all, a great album, on the short side, but it’s good enough for my musically induced ADD.

TOTW: Week of April 28

1. Holy Fuck – Lovely Allen
When I first heard Holy Fuck, I didn’t quite understand the hype, but once I actually listened to them I was able to appreciate the epic proportions of this track.

2. The Constantines – Little Instruments
I’m going to see The Cons tomorrow night. I cannot express my excitement in words

3. Tokyo Police Club – Tesselate
I just picked up Elephant Shell, that is one nicotine encoded album.

4. Will Currie & the Country French – Surprising Me
Tokyo Police Club connection: Will Currie and TPC were in a band together before TPC.

5. Ladyhawk – I Don’t Always Know What You’re Saying
I just like it. I don’t know what else to say!

TOTW: Week of April 14th

1. Jane Vain and the Dark Matter – C’mon Baby Say Bang Bang
The vocals alone make this track dark enough to want a night light!

2. Constantines – Hard Feelings
Jump on the bandwagon! Kensington Heights officially hits the street tomorrow, but you can hear the album on their MySpace! (Did I mention I’m slightly obsessed with these guys?)

3. The Good Life – Keely Aimee
I’m also a huge admirer of Kasher, and the lyric “I love your suffering like gravity loves a stumbling drunk” is enough to keep this song in an infinite loop.

4. Born Ruffians – I Need a Life
I missed their show on Saturday night because Sunday morning exams are the spawn of Satan. This is how I cope.

5. Tokyo Police Club – Your English is Good
Reasons I like Tokyo Police Club: They’re good, they’re Canadian, they’re on Saddle Creek.

I swear, once May hits, I’ll give this blog the tender, love and care that it is worthy of. (Translation: I’ll play with it for a few days and probably forget about it a month later) But hey, I try.